About Few Years’ Resolution

Few Years’ Resolution is a series of over 150 videos about creating real, lasting social change:

How it works, what needs to happen…and most importantly, how to get the job done.

It’s based on my own experience as a professional sociologist and educator.

It focuses less on the short-term political battles of the day–and more on the long-term efforts necessary to solve our biggest political, economic, and social problems.


More about the videos:
  • Each video is less than five minutes in length, and accessible to a general audience. No scholarly jargon!
  • The videos are for people of all beliefs and backgrounds concerned about recent events, eager to make the world a better place.
  • You can view them sequentially by following the ten units, or “steps.” Or you can browse the full library and watch whichever videos you want, in any order you want.


What can you do?