2.16. The Way Forward

The last few weeks of videos have covered a lot of ground. But there’s a clear story that emerges from them.

The last few weeks of videos have covered a lot of ground. But there’s a clear story that emerges from them.

What we want is a world full of happiness, health, peace, prosperity, love, well-being, fulfillment—and all that good stuff.

What we want is a world that puts the needs, dreams, and interests of the people first—all seven and a half billion of us.

But our institutions aren’t set up to do that.

They’re set up to put their own interests first. Or, at best, they’re set up to maximize the good stuff that goes to some people…but they only accomplish that by excluding or oppressing other groups of people.

Institutions are imperfect. But they’re what we have to work with. So how do we make them as good as they can be?

We need to look at the big picture. We need to look globally, since that’s what we live in now—a global world.

What becomes clear, when you look at this big picture, is over the past 50 years, the global economy has become much more integrated.

And that has translated into giving corporations and economic elites a big advantage, as they pursue their own interests.

They can get their way with governments, because they can threaten to move jobs and money elsewhere, if they don’t get their way.

As a result, over the past few decades, governments have become decidedly more business-friendly, and less people-friendly. And we know it.

But we can’t just fix this within one country. That may help some people in the short term. But it doesn’t take away the leverage that economic elites have over governments and the people they should be serving.

The only way to truly fix this is for the governments and people of the world to unite—to match the level of integration in the global economy, negate the unfair advantage economic elites currently have, and reestablish a fairer balance of power.

I’m not saying national governments need to give up all their autonomy. But there’s no reason why there can’t or shouldn’t be some form of international governance with real power to address global problems, like global warming and economic exploitation.

And I’m not saying the people of the world need to give up their group identities. But as long as we pretend some people are superior or more deserving, based on their skin color or gender or what country they happen to be born in, we’re going to be too busy fighting with each other to hold our governments and corporations accountable.

They aren’t going to put the interests of the people first on their own. We have to make them.

And in the coming videos, we’ll look at exactly how to do that.


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