Step 3: We Need to Set the Right Goals

If we really want to achieve our goals, we have to work within the boundaries of how things actually work.

We can’t just set any type of goal we want to.

Goals have to be realistic. Goals have to be achievable. Goals have to be smart.

It’s amazing how many goals we point ourselves towards that don’t pass these simple tests.

Like how we tend to imagine that once we get our personal lives in order, then we can help deal with the world’s problems—as if managing our own life isn’t going to be a lifelong project.

Like how we expend so much effort trying to persuade or “educate” everyone into believing what we believe—as if seven and a half billion people will ever believe the same thing.

Like how so many people seem to feel the best way to work toward peace, prosperity, and unity is to embrace the tactics of conflict, oppression, and divisiveness.

If we really want to achieve our goals, we have to work within the boundaries of how things actually work. We have to deal with people as they actually are.

We have to figure out how to make the world a better place in our lives as they actually exist, with all its messiness and other obligations—not in some imaginary future that may never come.

We have to figure out how to work together for the common good, even if we don’t all believe the same things.

We have to address the tribal, us-versus-them thinking that so many leaders try to exploit, to get us riled up—even though it’s not something that can lead to peace and prosperity on a wide scale.

We need to figure out to get power to the people—not just here in the United States, but all over the world.

These are all things that can be dealt with in smart, concrete, realistic ways—not just the vague, abstract ways we tend to talk about them today.

Once we define what it is we can work toward together in a practical way, then it’s just a matter of actually working toward it. Then we won’t feel so lost and powerless anymore.


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