What Do We Do After the Election Is Over?

How can we make sure the next U.S. presidential election year isn’t as lousy as this one has been? Some thoughts on after the election.


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The U.S. presidential election is tomorrow, and the latest polls suggest it’s going to be a close one. (Go vote!)

But regardless of what happens…we’re going to have a lot of work to do after it’s over.


What’s Going to Happen After the Election?

I’m a scholar. I’ve been studying this stuff for a long time. But I don’t think anybody can tell you what’s going to happen after the election.

At a minimum, roughly half the country will be devastated–while the other half, even amidst celebration, will feel they just dodged a very, very dangerous bullet.

But it could be much worse than that.

We might have civil unrest.

We might not have a concession from the losing candidate, or a peaceful transfer of power.

I can’t tell you what’s going to happen, or how long it’s going to last. All I can say is sometime soon–maybe on Wednesday, maybe a few days or weeks thereafter–the election and all its associated drama will be over.

Then everyone–liberal or conservative, religious or secular–is going to be left with the same question:

Now what?


Looking Ahead

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This has been, far and away, the nastiest, most heated and divisive presidential election in my lifetime.

It’s made me wonder:

What can we do to ensure it stays that way?

What can we do so that 2020 isn’t as bad as 2016 has been?

That’s why I’m launching the Few Years’ Resolution campaign.

We’re going to have an opportunity, once this election is over, to take a step back and reflect on the nastiness of the past year–and figure out what we need to do between now and 2020 so this doesn’t happen again.

We need to take advantage of it. Or we’re going to have another scary, stressful election year in 2020.

One that’ll be just as bad as this one…or worse.


Let’s Do Something About It!



I’m going to do everything I can between now and 2020 to make the world a better place.

One of the things I’ll be doing is sharing much of what I’ve learned about social change during my years of studying it: here at this site, through YouTube videos like the one above, and on social media.

Another is encouraging as many people as possible to make the same few years’ resolution I’ve made.

So if you’ve been frustrated, anxious, or discouraged about this election year, and want to do what you can to make 2020 better, sign your name to the resolution and follow this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

I’ll be posting more details soon.

(Oh, and go vote!)

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